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In order to make things easier for me in regards to trading on Dreamwidth TCGs, I've decided to make this post for general trading purposes. Click on my player banner to view my card post!

A few rules to keep in mind:
► Do not ask for cards in my future pile. Those are only traded away when I offer them myself.
► Cards in my keeping pile are only traded away for decks of higher priority.
► If it KnB or UtaPri, chances are I'll agree within 24 hours.
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I have an unlimited supply of brown candies, so feel free to ask for one! Make sure to leave a link to your post as well so I don't get lost on my way to your place...that happens a lot.

Candy To Be Given Out (unlimited):

Candy Collected:
x02 -- x03 -- x03 -- x03
x04 -- x04 -- x01 -- x04

Candy Spent (Shop):
x00 -- x00 -- x00 -- x00
x00 -- x00 -- x00 -- x00


Logs (Given - 31):
11/16 - [personal profile] estamir, [personal profile] canute, [personal profile] dialny, [personal profile] nyxnoxbox, [personal profile] nidoking, [personal profile] magaru, [personal profile] phibby (7)
11/13 - [personal profile] fortuneparty (1)
11/12 - [personal profile] jailynn, [personal profile] gammacrank, [personal profile] skybuns, [personal profile] kues, [personal profile] admiral, [personal profile] moon_wolf, [personal profile] ivoryandhorn, [personal profile] adurotum, [personal profile] vulpecula (9)
10/30 - [personal profile] beezebeora (1)
10/25 - [personal profile] eonflamewing, [personal profile] scblakdrgon, [personal profile] preternatural, [personal profile] apocalocyntosis, [personal profile] penumbreon, [personal profile] reneetwist, [personal profile] netbug009 (7)
10/19 - [personal profile] zeittari, [personal profile] akrous, [personal profile] falondin, [personal profile] vethica, [personal profile] kureto (5)
10/18 - [personal profile] sinew (1)

Logs (Received - 26):
11/16 - [personal profile] admiral (green), [personal profile] kues (purple), [personal profile] vulpecula (purple), [personal profile] skybuns (gray), [personal profile] fortuneparty (blue), [personal profile] adurotum (yellow), [personal profile] moon_wolf (blue), [personal profile] ivoryandhorn (red), [personal profile] nidoking (gray)
11/14 - [personal profile] gammacrank (orange)
11/13 - [personal profile] netbug009 (blue)
11/12 - [personal profile] mouseychuu (green), [personal profile] beezebeora (purple), [personal profile] jailynn (brown)
10/31 - [personal profile] falondin (orange)
10/30 - [personal profile] apocalocyntosis (blue)
10/27 - [personal profile] scblakdrgon (red)
10/26 - Seiyuu Guess 209 (gray)
10/25 - [personal profile] preternatural (red), [personal profile] penumbreon (purple), [personal profile] reneetwist (yellow)
10/20 - [personal profile] eonflamewing (orange)
10/19 - [personal profile] kureto (green), [personal profile] vethica (blue), [personal profile] zeittari (gray), [personal profile] akrous (yellow)

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